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SEO, Open Graph and Twitter meta tag enabled pages and Theme Management for your Laravel websites.

Single-site license with 1 year of updates
Save countless hours and supercharge your marketing.

I created LaraNx to make SEO and website design easy on Laravel. Something I've needed in every one of my Laravel projects.

Sergio Cardenas / Creator of LaraNx

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    How it works

    SEO first, Mentality

    Setup your marketing in 5 minutes.

    Full install in 3 steps:

    • 1

      Install Laravel

      Install Laravel

    • 2

      Install starter kit Breeze or Jetstream

      LaraNx works with both starter kits.

    • 3

      Install LaraNx package and publish

      LaraNx comes with two themes, a Tailwind and Bootstrap 5 theme as starting points.

    Front-end Independent
    Theme Management

    LaraNx theme management is built independent of front-end frameworks. Use purchased/pre-made templates built with Webflow, Tailwind or Bootstrap and switch between templates with a single click!

    Single-site license with 1 year of updates


    Laravel Marketing Kit

    Why choose LaraNx Marketing Kit?


    LaraNx is built with marketing in mind from day one. Easily create, edit and update SEO meta tags for homepage, primary and secondary pages.


    Quickly switch between themes. Themes are independent of the rest of your Laravel application and SEO tags. Meta tags work across all themes!

    Social Media

    With marketing in mind, all pages have Open Graph, Twitter meta tags and structured data. Links to your website from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn are properly formatted for maximum effectiveness.


    LaraNx is independent of the rest of your Laravel application. Controllers no longer have any responsibility in marketing material. Built with separation of concerns.


    Set your XML sitemap generation on autopilot.

    Image Management

    Manage your marketing images with a click of a button. Upload a single image for the page or separate images for Open Graph and Twitter.

    Ready for Laravel SEO and theme management? Get LaraNx today.