# Installation

When you pay for your site license or lifetime license (if available) you are entitled to a copy of the LaraNx code.

The installation documentation begins after you have created your laravel application and installed one of the Laravel Starter Kits. We have provided a video and detailed explanation of how you can create your Laravel application and launch Laranx in under 5 minutes here.

# Download Package

Whether your account is on LaraNx.com or Gumroads you will have access to downloading a zip file.

Download the file and uncompress in root directory of your Laravel installation. Eventually, a composer package will be available, but for now we will use this method.

# Install

Begin by copying the laranx.zip file to your application root directory.

Uncompress the laranx.zip file using unzip.

unzip laranx.zip

The following directories will be created in your application.


In composers.json add:

"repositories": [
            "type": "path",
            "url": "packages/srg/laranx",
            "options": {
                "symlink": true

And the following line to "require": section in composer.json

"srg/laranx": "dev-master"

There have been issues with adding the package from the command line, so add it manually to the composer.json file.

If you haven't created your storage symbolic link yet run:

php artisan storage:link

Run the following commands:

composer update
php artisan migrate

Publish the theming directory

 php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laranx

Finally, we are going to setup routing.

In your routes/web.php


Route::get('/', function () {
    return view('welcome');


use Srg\Laranx\Laranx;

# Setup LaraNx Admin

Once the install is complete, LaraNx is ready.

Log in to your application and add '/laranx' after your domain. For example: yoursite.com/laranx

You will get the Welcome to LaraNx screen.

LaraNx Admin